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Travels to Italy (All inclusive packages)

Villago plans and organizes special trips within Italy to the most beautiful homes of Italians, to introduce you to the beauty, art and authentic culture of the Bel Paese directly from the heart of its main players. 

We will take you to Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome or Naples, not only to show you the usual monuments and museums, but to host you, as was the custom in the past, in the lounges of the most fascinating city buildings. Our itineraries will tell you about the intimate Italian Middle Ages from the halls of its sumptuous castles or the beautiful “private” Renaissance from the sumptuous country villas. 

We will let you meet illustrious artists in the churches or in the houses that have seen them as protagonists; we will let you sip tea with an Italian countess or marquis and, sometimes, have lunch or dinner with a prince or princess… a bit like in fairy tales, with the difference that the Villago trips are real and authentic!

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We are available to deepen the details of all the proposals presented; we plan tailor-made experiences, trips and trips, based on your needs and curiosities; we find the best villas for unforgettable stays or private events.

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